Andrei Sava: Greetings from Kenya and Uganda

Dear friends,

    God gave me the grace these weeks to be in Africa, more specifically in Kenya and Uganda. Now I’m towards the end of my journey here, but so far has been a great blessing. The first 9 days (from the 16th to the 25th) I was in Nairobi, Kenya together with another 8 brothers and sisters from US, teaching pastors and small group leaders Bible Exposition and Preaching. The time we spent there was a real joy, especially the joy we had to teach the pastors from the largest slum in Africa, Kibera. We split in different teams so that we could cover more ground, so for almost three days we can pour the Word of God in at least 60 pastors from those places. Unfortunately a lot of them were very fond of the prosperity Gospel teachers and we had to walk with them through a lot of passages that dismisses this kind of teaching. 

  After we finished our time in Nairobi, and after a day of safari in the Nairobi National park, the rest of the team left to go back to US, while I headed to the next part of my journey in Africa – Mbarara, Uganda.
With God’s grace I arrived safely in Mbarara, Uganda (3 hours and a half away from the capital Kampala). The pastor who hosts me is a very solid believer and a very dear brother. He is been discipled by Chris Bosson and he is pastoring a church of 250 people here in Mbarara. Tuesday and yesterday all day long I’ve had the grace to teach Church Leadership and Bible Exposition to a group of 16 Baptist pastors who are pastoring in this region. It was humbling to hear their testimonies and was exciting to see the joy on their faces when we looked at several passages from the OT to get the context right and how to preach Christ from them.
   The next several days I will visit some churches in the area and spend some time with a group of Ugandan students. Please pray that the Lord would grant me strength and grace in preaching His Word and encourage His people from Uganda.
   May the Lord bless you and strengthen you in all your ways and I’m looking forward to hear back from you!

In Christ’s love, Andrei Sava

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