Despre proiectul evanghelistic „Sare & Lumină”, 25 – 31 iulie 2011

Salt & Light – Hunedoara, July 2011

Salt and Light is a mission week held here in Hunedoara annually. This began in 2007 and has had and still has support from many different countries over the years. The week is full of fun for all participants and yet the basic message is to spread God’s word and help people to find a personal relationship with Jesus, as we use our time and efforts to share God’s love in practical ways around the town.

This is done in a variety of ways and is based at the Bethlehem Christian Centre in Micro 7. This year the activities have included:
• Dentistry
• Construction – the railings around the centre have finally been painted
• Sports for children – anything from 60 to 120 at any one event with; drama, prayers, songs and biblical teaching
• Football – for the older boys
• Orphanage for children with disabilities – doing crafts, singing, bible lessons
• Visits to needy families – taking food, compassion and prayers
• Clean City – not only clearing away the rubbish, but talking/praying with people on the streets
• Singing in the park – with short message and prayers
• Evangelistic events

All events have been completed with much fun and laughter and covered in prayer. The teams this year have included many young Romanians and 48 English people from the city of Leeds in the North of England. These teams have been supported by a fantastic group of cooks providing for our every need. We thank God for the many encouraging signs of his work through us as we’ve served the town this week and we pray that he may continue to use our work for his praise and glory.

Heidi Longworth

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